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Our Services

Export circulation Certificates
We prepare, issue and monthly report all Circulation Certificates in simplified procedures or manually approved methods.

VEDOP tracking (Automation Project Tax Office)
. Tracking all export customs declaration, and registered deliveries of all finalized customs declarations to Customer. All issued declarations within the month will be delivered to the customers latest 11 days of the following months

Auditing Department
Upon request, Full time employees to perform auditing sessions on all finalized import Operations and report to our customers.
Customs Legislation information Database .
Continuously updated, revised, commented by our Licensed Customs Brokers and shared with our customers

Procurement Service from Public institutions and establishments.
Our Professional team will provide from Provincial Directorates of Agriculture, Chemist, TSE, Agriculture Quarantine, Measure settings Operations, DTS…..etc, in shortest delays. Those reports are important complementary for import Operations.
Import Operations Process and Follow-ups
Upon receiving notifications from our customers, documents,  vessel or truck details, delivery orders, they will be informed in written of all phases of the import process. All Customs Declarations Registry process will start upon receiving the customer written approval. By providing our customers with a username and password, they will be able to follow up online the progress of the import Operations.

Reporting Procedures
We provide our customers with detailed charts (for import & export Operations) with a comprehensive, up to 58 title report format.

 Operations with Terms
We notify our customers with a Time Alert Notice in written for their Operations that need to be followed up and concluded, like inward processing, temporary import or export.

 Accounting and Invoicing Procedures
Whether in Import or Export Operations, in order for our customers to determine their costs, all related documents, receipts and invoices will be hand delivered and registered by our personnel.

Consulting Services
  •         Preliminary study for your operations
  •         Latest updates or changes in Turkish Customs rules, legislation and procedures.
  •         Consultancy by specialist for unforeseen circumstances
  •         Providing recommendation regarding customer operation by our expert team.

Digital Archive System
Documents related to actual finalized import and export Operations are preserved in Electronic Archives in the frame of our strong IT structure.

Online Activities tracking.
Our customers will be provided with a username and password which enable them to Access data and activity follow-ups for all their import & export Operations.

Motorcycle Courier Service
 14 motorized courier employees to serve and provide courier services for our customers import & export Operations.

SUDES (Subaşı Auditing System) created in June 2012 and became an Auditing Standard.

          For an effective control,
          For a monitored and registered Auditing,
          To protect your Company’s  benefit in the best way,
          To avoid any repetition for your past mistakes,
          To close your possible penalties at a minimum cost,
          To Look with confidence at a better tomorrow,
          To get similarity in business flow between Government and your Company. To understand better the Inspectors.

More information can be provided for the Auditing services upon request  Kindly send request email to subasi@subasi.net